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Applying advanced technology to a wide range of genres

We process and manufacture hygiene stainless steel pipe joint products focused on sanitary usage in Japan and Taiwan; industrial stainless steel products mainly for process piping for large and medium-sized Japanese companies. Also we deal with plumbing and on-site services.

Manufacturing fitting products

We mass-process stainless steel fittings focused on sanitary usage which Nissho Astec sells in Japan and Taiwan.

Processing order made products

Not only prefabricated piping, but also buffing and electropolishing of pipes and fittings, assembling of large tanks and unit equipment, we perform order made processing with accuracy and finish according to the customer’s drawing and purpose.

Processing consumer products

In addition to stainless steel piping products for professionals, we also manufacture and process parts for consumer products. Our company offers a variety of processing, so that one company can cover the whole manufacturing processes.

Installation and plumbing

As a strong team, Matsusho Vietnam, which is excelled in construction management, and VINA ASTEC, which has a variety of piping processing technologies, will smoothly complete any difficult construction work. You can order the whole service from drafting technical drawing to material arrangement, processing, installation, and maintenance.


In cooperation with parent company Nissho Astec and Taiwanese subsidiaries company RI-ZHANG ASTEC CO., LTD., we will support your import and export of stainless steel piping products, materials, machinery, etc. Each company has a large number of staff who are fluent in Japanese, English and local languages. They are familiar with stainless steel processing and trading operations as well.


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